Andalusia: Photographs of Flannery O’Connor’s Farm
Nancy Marshall took these photographs in spring and summer of 2007 and winter of 2008 at Andalusia, the farm near Milledgeville, Georgia, where Flannery O’Connor (1925 -1964) spent the last thirteen years of her life. The photographs, which show interior views of the house and exterior views of the surrounding landscape, document the context in which O’Connor wrote some of her most acclaimed works, including A Good Man is Hard to Find and The Violent Bear It Away. These photographs were exhibited at Emory University in conjunction with “The Prophet’s Country: A Celebration of the Life and Work of Flannery O’Connor” in 2007 and will be exhibited at Georgia State College and University Museum in Milledgeville, Georgia and College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina in 2009. They were taken in collaboration with the Flannery O’Connor-Andalusia Foundation, Inc.

James Holland, Riverkeeper: Environmental Protection along the Altamaha
In Drifting into Darien: A Personal and Natural History of the Altamaha River, Janisse Ray provides an ecological and personal account of the largest river in Georgia. In this excerpt, Ray tells the story of James Holland, a crabber from Darien, Georgia, and founding member of the environmental organization Altamaha Riverkeeper. Nancy Marshall’s photographs accompany Ray’s text. James Holland, Riverkeeper: Environmental Protection along the Altamaha was selected for the 2011 Southern Spaces series “Landscapes and Ecologies of the US South,” a collection of innovative, interdisciplinary publication about natural and built environments.

Low Country Travelers: An African American Car Club of Charleston County, South Carolina
In their photo essay, Nancy Marshall and John McWilliams explore the history, mission, and significance of the Low Country Travelers, an African American car club in the South Carolina town of McClellanville.

John McWilliams,